Charter (Rev. Oct. 2011)


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The name of the alumni association shall be Air Force Recruiting Alumni Association (AFRAA) from hereon stated as the “Association”.The Association is recognized by the Air Force Recruiting Service (AFRS) as an association with its stated intention to assist in certain AFRS endeavors.


The Association will bring together a membership of former Air Force Recruiting members to form a fellowship with the AFRS to support AFRS in its Nation-wide recruiting efforts.The Association will also assist with a variety of AFRS projects in addition to Operation Blue Suit and provide assistance to members of AFRS in times of urgent need.


A.The Association shall be a civilian organization and shall not be used for the dissemination of partisan principles, or for the promotion of candidacy of any person seeking office or preferment, nor for any other personal or commercial gain.

B. The Association shall be organized as a non-profit organization, exempt from Federal income taxes. The Association shall not perform nor support activities prohibited by section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future Federal tax code,

C.The Association shall not enter into any monetary expenditure, agreements, leases or other commitments or involvements of any kind or nature whatsoever, the direct or indirect effect of which shall be to legally obligate or constrain the Association without a unanimous vote of the Council (see ARTICLE VI). If a unanimous agreement is not achieved, the issue will be brought up to the General Membership at the next General Membership meeting for resolution.The Association shall not engage in any activity contrary to or inconsistent with the stated objectives or policies of the Association.

D. Upon dissolution of the Association, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within meaning of section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future tax code.


A. Membership is open to all former Air Force Recruiting Service members, whether they served as a civilian employee, a production recruiter or in a support position in the AFRS .Membership is NOT open to active duty members of the Air Force, officer or enlisted, assigned within AFRS. The only exception is the active duty AFRS/CC-appointed, non-voting member of the council.

B. Honorary Membership. Individuals may be nominated to the Association Governing Council for Honorary Membership in the Association by any “member in good standing”. Nominations should be based upon the nominee’s contributions to the Air Force recruiting mission, support for members of Air Force recruiting, or support for the mission of the Association. The Governing Council will approve/disapprove the nomination and recognize those so approved with a Certificate of Membership.

C. A member of the Association will be considered a “member in good standing” if they have paid their annual dues to the Association.No member of the Association shall have voting rights unless their annual dues are paid in full.

D. The Association will be headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, to better coordinate its efforts with the AFRS. It will have distinct Regions to reflect the Recruiting Regions of AFRS; Western Region which encompasses the 372nd Recruiting Group, located at Hill AFB, Utah, the Central Region which encompasses the 369th Recruiting Group, located at Lackland AFB, Texas, and the Eastern Region which encompasses the 360th Recruiting Group, located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


A. The Association will operate on a FISCAL Year basis from January 1- through December 31 of each year.

B. Annual dues (currently $25/member) shall be due by December 31st of each year, payable to the Treasurer of the Association by check, money order or cash.

C. Donations are accepted and reported as in any non- profit organization.

D. Expenditure of funds.

1) All monetary expenditures must be approved by a unanimous vote of the Council or a majority vote of the Membership (see ARTICLE III).All financial decisions made by the Council shall be on the agenda and briefed at the next General Membership meeting

2) The President and Treasurer are authorized to pay approved bills. ARTICLE VI: OFFICERS Officers shall be elected to a two (2) year term by a majority vote of the general membership and serve from January 1 through December 31. Elections will be held beginning on October 15th of each odd year and completed by December 15th of each odd year. In case of a vacancy by death, resignation or removal in the office of any elected officer, such vacancy will be filled by election for the unexpired term at a special meeting of the Council called for that purpose, or at the next stated general membership meeting thereof. The following elected officers shall comprise the Association Governing Council, herein known as “Council”: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer. Additionally, Regional Representatives, selected by the President, and the active duty member appointed by the Commander, AFRS, will serve as members of the “Council” as outlined in Para E and F, below.

A. President: The President of the Association shall exercise the powers and perform the duties assigned by the membership as described below.

1) The President shall serve as the principle spokesperson of the Association in all matters, particularly in the articulation of the Association policies and objectives.

2) The President shall publish an agenda for and preside over all Council and General Membership meetings.

3) The President will ensure that the will of the membership as a whole, within the mandates of the Association guidelines, is reflected in the management and operation of the Association.

4) The President will communicate to the other Council members any situation(s) reported by the Regional Representatives.

5) The President shall establish committees and appoint committee members as required and may attend committee meetings as a non-voting member.

6) The “out going” President will become an official advisor to the new President and will serve for two (2) years.The ex-President will be “without vote” except as a member in good standing during General and Special Membership Meetings of the Association.

7) The President may select a member in good standing from each of the three recruiting regions to serve as a voting member of the governing council to provide regional insight into association direction and effectiveness within their respective regions.

B. Vice President: The Vice President shall exercise powers and perform the duties assigned by the membership as described.

1) The Vice President shall assist the President in his/her duties and perform the President’s duties as required in his/her absence.

2) The Vice President shall be responsible for recruitment of new membership into the Association.

3) The Vice President shall assist the Treasurer with the collection of annual dues and assist the Treasurer with maintenance of the membership rolls.

4) The Vice-President will communicate to the other Council members any situation(s) reported by the Regional Representatives for discussion.

5) The Vice President, with the assistance of the Secretary, shall be responsible for conducting annual elections by soliciting nominations for each of the seven offices prior to the October 15th election deadline, preparing nominations for dissemination to the membership, monitoring the vote and publishing the results to the General Membership.

C. Secretary: The Secretary shall exercise powers and perform duties assigned by the membership as described.

1) The Secretary shall send to all Members or as applicable to Members of the Council, notice of all meetings and determine the presence of a Quorum prior to the Council undertaking any action(s). The Secretary will announce the date, time and place of the General Membership meeting to all “members in good standing” at least 30 days prior to the meeting date.

2) The Secretary shall ensure an accurate and substantive record of all Council and General Membership meetings is produced.The Secretary shall also ensure timely publication and dissemination of Council and General Membership meeting minutes within 10 working days from meetings.The publication and dissemination of meeting minutes may be accomplished by posting them to the Association web site.

3) The Secretary shall maintain a file for Council and General Membership Minutes and make available copies of Council meeting minutes to any member who requests them in writing.

4) The Secretary shall assist the Treasurer with his/her finance duties.

5) The Secretary will assist the Vice President during annual elections to include preparing nominations for dissemination to the membership, monitoring the vote and publishing the results to the General Membership.

D. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall exercise powers and perform duties assigned by the membership as described.

1) The Treasurer, with the assistance of the Vice-President, is responsible for the collection of annual dues.

2) The Treasurer receives and deposits all funds pertaining to the Association and provides a detailed financial statement (spread sheet or other format) to other Council members and to the General Membership at every meeting.

3) The Treasurer shall direct the financial affairs of the Association and resolve all bills and accounts payable owed by the Association according to the following: a)All reimbursement requests shall be accompanied by receipts and/or Statement of Account. b)All Bills/Requests for Payment shall be documented by the date of service and description of services.

4) The Treasurer shall assist the Vice President with member recruitment.

E. Regional Representatives: These members of the Governing Council will be selected by the President from the membership residing in each respective AFRS Recruiting Region (one {1} per Region) and will be voting members of the Governing Council.The Regional Representatives will communicate with the President or Vice-President and keep the other Governing Council members apprised of any situation(s) within their Region involving any issues in which they feel the Association should have knowledge or be involved as per this charter.

1)Regional Representatives are authorized and encouraged to form Regional Associations that would foster relationships between and among Association members within the Region and allow opportunities to promote center-of-influence activities.

2) The Regional Associations will be overseen by the Association Council and subject to the objectives and rules of the Association, to include requests for Association support of Regional Association activities.

F. The GENERAL powers and duties of the Officers shall be those accorded by common usage and parliamentary law.

1) An officer who is a member of the Council shall not lose the right to vote on any question during General Membership Meetings.

2) The President as a member of Council, by reason of his office, is not entitled to the deciding vote in case of a tie, within the Council or committee.

3) In the absence or inability of the President to act, his duties shall be performed, in the following order: by the Vice-President, Treasurer, or Secretary. Such duties to be transferred upon these officers in the order named until such disability is removed.

G. The Commander, AFRS, may appoint one active duty member of AFRS to the Association council. This person may participate as a non-voting member in all council and general membership meetings.


A. The Association Council will meet at least quarterly, or at the call of the President to discuss the business affairs and management of the Association.The Council may conduct its business in person, or electronically via e-mail or telephone.

B. The General Membership will meet at least annually, or at the call of the Council.


Complaints against the Association shall be brought to the attention of the members of the Council for resolution .Complaints against any of the Association elected officers shall be brought to the attention of the General Membership for resolution.


This charter of the Association may be amended by a majority vote of all members present at a scheduled General Membership meeting or by ballot during the Association’s election process. Any member proposing an amendment shall file copies of the proposed amendment with the President and the Secretary at least 15 days before the date of the next scheduled General Membership meeting.The member proposing an amendment may be required to personally present and or lead discussion on the proposal at the General Membership meeting.